iTalent 1

Personal development

Read my reflection on the DISC test.

Intercultural Setting

For the Going Global assignment we contacted 2 companies and asked them some questions about their international communication. These findings were then set out in a report. In that report we compare the international communication of these 2 companies.


We have been able to prove our entrepreneurial spirit in the InnovIT assignment. For this assignment we had to come up with an idea that had to do with IT. We had to make a weekly vlog about this, in which we explain the developments of our idea. Our idea got the name Swipe. I made the vlog about the name and the logo. My fellow students have made the other vlogs. We have invested quite a bit of time in this, but this was richly rewarded at the InnovIT awards, where we were stranded in third place. So we are very satisfied with this.

iTalent 2

Personal and professional development

This is a report of three different tests, namely the core quadrant of Ofman, the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Below you can download it.


To view the report about my various competences, click here.


View the report of my self-reflection for the pop conversation below.

Intercultural and multicultural attitude

Below you can read the report about the exchange we have done with Hennalux, a college in Namur.


March 14 I went to Brussels Expo to attend the InfoSecurity exhibition. This exhibition mainly focuses on IT security. There were companies from all over the world. You can read my report by clicking on the next button.



Here you will find my report in connection with a company visit of your choice. I have been to the VRT in Brussels. Very interesting there is my interest in video editing.


iTalent 3